[ANGLAIS : Classe de Première Euro Maths] : Oeuvres réalisées durant le confinement

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ART DOT PAINTINGS ( pointillisme)


Les peuples aborigènes Australiens utilisent la peinture comme moyen de transmettre un héritage ancestral, de perpétuer des traditions et de passer une mémoire collective. Chaque représentation a sa propre symbolique et raconte quelque chose de précis. La signification de l’œuvre dépend du peintre, de la tribu ou encore de l’histoire racontée.

Pour les aborigènes, la peinture est avant tout un art collectif, chaque œuvre appartient donc à la communauté et pas uniquement au peintre. C’est pour cette raison que de nombreuses toiles ne sont pas signées par l’artiste.

Après avoir étudié ces traditions dans le cadre d'une séquence sur l'un des axes au programme en anglais, les élèves de 1ere Euro Maths se sont adonnés à cet art en s'efforçant de respecter les codes utilisés par ces peuples.

Voici quelques œuvres réalisées par les élèves durant le confinement.

L. DELRAN, professeure d'anglais


This is dot painting is about inclusion and harmony. At the center, the people are working together and they are in harmony with the nature that surrounds them. They are all around a meeting point where no one is excluded. The rainbow serpent watches over this harmony. All the people who exclude other ones have to leave this worldbecause they create disharmony.

This work shows the meeting point of men in a camp. Their lives were dictated by nature. They used to hunt and pick fruit to feed themselves. The sun during the day and the moon at night rhythm their life cycle.

This dot painting is the representation of the relationship between each tribe around Australia, the peaceful ones as well as the bad ones. Hence, you can see a huge brown circle that stands for Australia. Since Australia is an island the blue waves that surround it represent the ocean. The different colours such as red, orange, blue yellow or green are for the various tribes. The U shapes represent the members of the tribes sitting around a firecamp. You can notice wavy lines connecting each tribe to 3 or 4 neighbouring tribe. They are the paths that stand for their relationships. The state of their relationship is represented either by a boomerang for those who are at war or by 3 dots that make flowers, fruit and eggs, for those in good terms. Peace predominates over war as peace is one of the fundamental values of Aborigines.

It’s an up-to-date painting. This painting shows a rite. Aborigines pay tribute to an ancient common spirit. Aboriginal people want to foresee the future thanks to the ashes of this ancient man. It represents the wisdom, the freedom between two tribes.

The brown line represents a mountain, at the top, in the middle of the painting and on the mountain there is a camp symbolised by three circles and two men ( the two U-shapes) around the camp. Around the mountain there are plains filled with water (the blue dots) , where we can see trees and flowers.

My aboriginal painting represents the journey that the tribes in Australia undertake for the reunion according to the dreamtime. And during this trip, the tribes face many challenges...

In the middle, you can observe large tracks of kangaroos which represent the Big Kangaroo. Around you can notice other animal tracks that depict the peace among all the animals. The waves represent the ocean around Australia, the footprints stand for the humans who travelled across the ocean with their weapons like boomerangs or axes. The red circle symbolises the body of the Big Kangaroo which became the Red Mountain Uluru. The U shapes are the Australians

This is a representation of aboriginal people's life. In the middle there is a meeting point, some kind of a dinner with food on the table and white and black people sitting around it. That is surrounded by stars because it takes place in the evening. In the Upper left hand corner there are women who are cooking and in the upper right hand corner there are the tracks of emu and kangaroo hunted by men.

This dot painting represents realistic islands in the ocean with many little tribes. Around these circles it’s the nature that is respected by the indigenous Australians. To finish, the spirals in the ocean stand for the sea currents.